Broccoli Ice-cream

broccoli icecream 2I loved the song ‘Broccoli ice-cream’ from the very beginning. As a teacher it’s one of those horrible, irritating earworms that you find yourself absent-mindedly singing some days after using it in class. However my littlies loved it: it appealed to their love of the gross and the ridiculous, was fun, catchy, and got them practising and producing English.

So, without further ado, here is my lesson plan for Broccoli ice-cream – a creative listening and singing lesson for beginner level 5-7 year olds.

Aims:  To revise food vocabulary (group receptive and productive practice), to introduce and/or practice the structure ‘Do you like…?’ and short answers ‘Yes, I do’ and ‘No, I don’t’. 


Time: 45 mins


  • Sit in a circle with the students. Show the students flashcards showing the food vocabulary in the song and elicit what the pictures are.
  • Put the flashcards in the centre of the circle so that all students can clearly see. Ask the students to point to the foods they hear . Play the song and model pointing for the first item.
  • Play the song again and sing along with the students – use (exaggerated!) gestures and facial expressions to reinforce the meaning of ‘Yes, I do!’ and ‘No, I don’t! Yucky!’ and encourage students to do the same. They normally love this bit!
  • Stand up with the students and get them to sit down at their tables. Show them a new example of a ‘silly’ food item (you can draw this on paper in advance, or quickly draw it on the board now – don’t worry, it does not need to be artistic!) and ask them what it is (eg. sandwich yoghurt). Ask students ‘Do you like (sandwich yoghurt)?’ and elicit answers from some of them.
  • Hand out  a blank piece of paper to each student and ask them to draw their own ‘silly food’ – normally they are really enthusiastic about this and need little encouragement or prompting! Monitor and ask them questions as they are drawing to make things a little more communicative: what is it, what colour is it, do you like it, etc. When most of the students have nearly finished count down to signal the end of the drawing stage of the activity.
  • Nominate each student in turn – ask them to show the rest of the class their picture, and say what it is.
  • Now sing the song again with the students, but this time using their own pictures and ideas. Begin the song with your example picture (sandwich yoghurt), then point to each student in turn to hold up their picture as the class sings about their food item.
  • Finish the activity with a round of applause and praise for everyone!


What are your favourite songs to use when teaching?

Thanks must go to the wonderful team at Super Simple Learning for producing the song used in this lesson plan. You can find their website, including this song and flashcards to accompany it, here: Their materials are fantastic and they have saved my and my colleagues’ backs numerous times when we’ve been looking for a song to use in class!


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