New things I’ve tried this month…

easter bunny

Happy Easter to everyone – this weekend I have been enjoying the first few days of spring, eaten my first Easter egg in five years, and enjoyed a much-needed few days of rest from my students! It’s also approaching the end of March, and so I wanted to round up the new things I’ve tried in the world of English language teaching this month.

Becoming more tech-savvy.

The environments in which I did my teacher training and where I worked for the first few years of my teaching career gave me something of an excuse to avoid technology in the classroom. As I had minimal opportunities to use technology in the classroom, I often avoided using it when thinking about teaching outside the classroom as well. Since working at IH Prague I’ve finally been able to get my head around interactive whiteboards etc – and this month has marked my first steps into exploring the online ELT community. I can already tell that blogging and engaging with the ELT community on twitter has opened up a wealth of ideas and resources which I previously hadn’t accessed – pretty cool!


I don’t want to sound too much like a broken record, as I’m well aware that my previous post was also about #ELTchat. However, I’m excited for this week’s conversation, and would definitely recommend joining to anyone who wants a new way to explore professional development. It’s like sitting a group of teachers down in your staffroom (including some really knowledgeable ones) and sharing ideas without the formality of a training workshop, but also without the interruptions of teaching, anecdotes about students, or staffroom politics.

ELT Teacher 2 Writer

My colleague, Kylie Malinowska, shared a Facebook group by this organisation earlier this month, and it got me pretty excited. I currently have ‘How to Write Worksheets’ rapidly approaching the topic of my ‘to read’ list, so expect to see a review here sometime soon.

I hope you’ve had a peaceful Easter, wherever you are!


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