New things I’ve tried this month – May


Again, a few days late with this post, sorry! The end of the month always tends to be rather hectic, with a combination of marking students’ tests and paperwork. Last month was busier than most, as one of my colleagues was on a week-long school trip: so for me, a week worth of doubling-up classes and extra students!

It’s probably because of the craziness of the last month that my new things I’ve tried are both technology related, rather than specifically for teaching. There are two great websites I’d like to share this month – I hope you find one or both of them useful!


Canva bills itself as a tool which ‘makes design simple for everyone’. I have to say it’s an absolute pleasure to find a site like this, and it truly lives up to its name! Canva is a free online design software, filled with templates, graphics and beautiful fonts. With it you can design logos, graphics for social media, and even things like save-the-date cards and letterheads.

It’s Canva I have to thank for the lovely new banner and blog graphics on my site – I have to say I’ve found using it rather addictive!


Prezi is another website with a wonderful piece of professional-looking software – which you can access for free! For those of us who have to do presentations as part of their work (or even as part of their teaching) Prezi provides a more interesting template than the traditional Powerpoint presentation. Rather than functioning as a standard series of slides, Prezi enables you to start with a visual overview of your entire presentation. Then you can zoom into the key details and move fluidly back and forth between them.

Later this week I’ll be running a training workshop at the British Council in Prague – and I’m really excited to be using a Prezi rather than a normal boring presentation 🙂

What are your favourite websites/online tools?

How do you use them in your teaching?


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