Hi everyone, this morning we woke up to a fine layer of frost coating everything here in the UK. It isn’t quite the same as the level of snow I got used to while living in Russia, but it’s still pretty! Many of the shops started playing Christmas music several weeks ago (some of them almost straight after Halloween!) so even though it’s only the 30th November it’s already starting to seem quite festive.

In this post I really just wanted to check in and introduce you to something I’ll be doing over the next 25 days. Every day I’ll post one Christmas activity you can do with your classes (covering a range of different levels and age groups). Some will be my own ideas, others great resources I’ve found and loved elsewhere. I’ll also be emailing my subscribers a special Christmas surprise on the 25th!

In the meantime (it’s still November after all!) I’d like to share posts from a couple of other bloggers who are also sharing special Christmas resources. If you just can’t wait another 24 hours, check out:

Joanna Malefaki’s Christmas Countdown Activities. I wasn’t following Joanna’s blog last Christmas (I didn’t even have my own blog last Christmas!), but for the last 3 years she has shared a countdown of Christmas activities – 23 activities of varying lengths that you can use with your classes. I particularly like the Christmas Scavenger hunt idea!

If you’re looking for somewhere to direct your adult students for a little bit more practice, English with Kirsty is offering a series of Christmas offers (including freebies and discounts) on 12 weekdays in December. Register with her now to receive updates on what’s available when, or check out her website or social media. The first offer will be available on 5th December!

What are your favourite Christmas activities to do with your students? 

Are there any other Christmas offers you think I should check out?



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