EFL Advent Calendar – December 2nd


December 2nd: Origami Christmas Tree

For: Young Learners

Level: Any

Time: 25mins

These look complicated. They’re not – I’m pretty sure that the instructions make it look harder than it is (or perhaps it’s just my brain). Either way, don’t be put off: make a few first so that you have an example to show your students (and so that you know how to do it!).

Take your students through the process step-by-step, giving the instructions, showing your example, and monitoring to ensure that they’ve done it correctly. You can pre-teach/check the meaning of ‘fold’ and ‘turn over’ if you like.

When I made these with my 2nd grade students last year we glued folded strips of paper to the tops of our finished trees to make them into a hanging decorations.

You can offer a prize for the best decorated Christmas tree!



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