EFL Advent Calendar – December 3rd


It’s the weekend! Most people I know won’t be teaching today, but nevertheless I thought I’d include weekends in my EFL Advent Calendar – hopefully it can give you some inspiration for whenever you’re planning for next week! Today’s activity comes from a resource website that’s been at the top of my bookmarks for almost as long as I’ve been teaching: onestopenglish.com.

December 3rd: Live from London Christmas Special

For: Teens/Adults

Level: Upper intermediate/Advanced (the lesson plan says intermediate plus, but I remember my up-int students finding this challenging)

Time: approx. 40 mins

Onestopenglish has produced a complete series of ‘Live from London’ podcasts, where they interview members of the public about a particular topic, and then turn this into a podcast for English language learners, complete with full accompanying lesson plan. Many of the podcasts are only available with a paid subscription to the site, but the audio version of the Christmas special is free!

I found this podcast really useful when teaching in a monolingual environment, as it gives the students a taste of how Christmas is celebrated in lots of different cultures – in a sense, replicating the results of a discussion activity in a multilingual class. It also exposes the students to a range of different accents, including people from different parts of the UK and some non-native speakers. I also thoroughly recommend the charades type warmer activity (even if you don’t do anything else) – my students loved it!

You can download the full lesson plan here (PDF format, including student worksheets.

The mp3 file of the podcast itself can be found here.




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