EFL Advent Calendar – 9th December


Christmas Taboo – 9th December

For: Teens/adults

Level: intermediate +

Time: 15-20 mins

ESLkidsgames.com has a variety of different Christmas activities for different ages, but I really like their Christmas Taboo. It’s the kind of thing I’d probably spend an hour or so making myself, only to discover that someone else has already done it! To save you the time and the effort, you can download the cards in PDF format here.

To play, you’ll need the cards cut up (laminate them if you think you’ll use them with more than one class!) and a timer of some kind – the clock function on your phone will work fine. Divide the class into two teams, and ask for a volunteer from one team to be the first clue-giver.

On each card there is a word at the top in the grey background. This is the word the students need to describe for their teammates to guess. Underneath are a further two or three words – these are words they are not allowed to say in their description! When a word is correctly guessed, set it aside: this will constitute one point for the team. If the student says a word on the ‘taboo’ list the word is discarded and it doesn’t count!

The team must guess as many words as possible in the time period (I’d suggest 1-2 minutes). The turn them passes to the other team, who must choose a clue-giver and the process is repeated. Continue until all the students have had a turn as clue-giver, or until you run out of cards!


2 thoughts on “EFL Advent Calendar – 9th December

  1. I loved playing this game with my high school students a couple of years back – we used to do it for just about every topic! I also had a version for films, which got a little complicated at times as the titles weren’t always the same in English as they were in their L1, but with a quick title translation it always worked out!


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