EFL Advent Calendar – 10th December


Team Wordsearch – 10th December

At the moment I sadly don’t have any kids’ classes. For the ones I have had, however, this has always been a firm favourite; it’s also an activity that can be used at any time of year and with any set of vocabulary. You’ll need a wordsearch for this one: you can find Christmas themed wordsearches easily online, for example here and here, or you can make your own (using vocabulary you and your class have studied) using Discovery Education’s Puzzlemaker.

Beforehand, decide whether your students are likely to be working in pairs or groups of three: you’ll need copies of the wordsearch for each group to have one, plus one extra (the extra one can be blown up to a larger size if you’d like). Then (and this is important!) cut off the part of the paper which tells you which words you need to find.  

You’ll also need some felt-tip pens (markers) in different colours!

Group your students into pairs or threes, and get each group to choose a different coloured pen. Use blu-tack or a magnet to stick your extra copy of the wordsearch on the board. 

Hand out the wordsearches, one to each group – put them on the desks face down. Tell the students not to turn them over and look! 

When you say ‘Find [star] – go!’ all of the students turn over their wordsearch and race to be the first to find the word. 

When one team has found the word say ‘Stop’, and all the teams must turn their wordsearch back over, so it is face down again. The team which was first to find the word comes to the front and marks it on the extra copy on the board. 

Repeat the process until all the words have been found – the team with the most words in their colour on the board are the winners! 


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