EFL Advent Calendar – 13th December


Young Learner Worksheets – 13th December

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

These lovely worksheets from Cambridge University Press popped up in my Twitter feed last night, and I couldn’t resist sharing them with you all. They make me wish I had young learners just so I could use them! (My students are currently all adults, who don’t really go in for Christmas crafts…)

Worksheet 1  contains two different Christmas craft activities – making a robin, and making a Christmas cracker. The instructions are graded so they’ll easily be understood by low level students, and there’s a page of teachers’ notes at the top.

Worksheet 2 has a template for a pop up Christmas card – this would go well with my Christmas card writing tips from December 7th. There’s also a nice ‘spot the difference’ activity at the bottom, which would work with all ages (I did a Christmas-themed spot the difference with my adult elementary students last week!). Remember to pre-teach any vocabulary needed (eg. fireplace, stocking, candles, baubles) and review prepositions if your students are likely to find this challenging. You could easily make this into a communicative activity by putting the students into A/B pairs and giving each student only one picture each. They must then either describe it to their partner, or ask their partner questions about the picture in order to find the differences.


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