EFL Advent Calendar – 19th December


Christmas: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – 19th December

For: Adults

Level: Intermediate

Don’t worry – I haven’t turned into Scrooge and lost all Christmas spirit. I have noticed, however, that a great way to engage adult students and get them talking (particularly those who are often reluctant participants in the lesson) is to let them have a bit of a moan.

Today I bring you a resource that’s going to give your students the opportunity to do just that: Keith Sand’s ‘Christmas – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly’, (courtesy of the British Council) in which he bemoans the commercialisation of Christmas. There’s an audio version as well as a downloadable PDF so you can choose whether or not to use this as a listening or a reading activity, as well as a follow-up True/False reading activity.

It’d be easy to create a whole lesson around this article: ideas include discussing how this compares to the celebration of Christmas (or other main holidays) in students’ own countries, a class debate (Should Christmas be banned?), or a Room 101 type activity, where students create their own list of pet hates surrounding a particular theme and then vote whether or not they should be placed in ‘Room 101’ and removed forever.

If you’d like to explore these ideas further with your class, the British Council has a similar article (and associated activities) about Consumerism.


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