EFL Advent Calendar – 20th December


Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean! – 20th December

For: Children, teens or low-level adults

Level: Elementary plus 

The lesson plan and resources I’m sharing today have been an absolute life-saver – I think I’ve used them at least once every Christmas I’ve been teaching (apart from this year when one of my colleagues got there first!). For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mr. Bean, it’s a British sitcom following the (mis)adventures of a bumbling ‘man within a child’s body’. As the comedy is mostly physical and there’s very little dialogue involved, it’s great for low-level EFL learners and it also gives them a valuable insight into British culture. 

David Mainwood at The EFL SMARTblog has a great set of worksheets for use with the video (which can be watched on Youtube if you don’t have access to the DVD). If you scroll down to the bottom of the page there are printable versions, which include an ordering task, true or false questions, discussion questions, review of past simple, and a Christmas wordsearch. Choose the activities which are most appropriate for the age and/or level of your class, or simply show the video and ask the students questions at intervals – either based on what they have just seen, or what they think is going to happen next.  

As many of the elements of ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Bean’ show a traditional British Christmas (carol singing, cooking a turkey, sending Christmas cards, hanging up stockings, kissing under the mistletoe) this video also allows you to show students how we usually celebrate Christmas (rather than simply talking about it or using a listening/reading exercise on the topic). 




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