EFL Advent Calendar – 21st December


Application for Santa Visit – 21st December

Christmas is fast approaching now – can’t believe it’s only four more days until the big day itself! Children in the UK and US will have already written their letters to Santa, but it’s not too late for your students to get in on the act. Even if your students are a bit too old to write a letter to Santa, it’s still possible to use this theme as a topic with teen or adult students. Wondering how? Read on and find out… 

My first resource today is one that was shared with me while working at BKC International House, Moscow. Ever thought that simply asking your child to write a letter  was far too simplistic to secure a letter from Santa?  The Application for Santa Visit lets you know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. Be warned, the language in this is advanced, but it’s a fun activity for your high level students (or might make your colleagues smile if it’s too tough for your  students). I like the idea of getting students to interview each other and complete the form with their partners’ answers.

You can download the PDF document here: application-for-santa-visit

If you’re looking for a similar concept, but with slightly easier language (or if your students aren’t quite sure how good they’ve been!)  LanternFish  have a ‘Kindometer’ and a ‘Notometer’ for your students to fill out. Once your students have completed their own (or their partner’s) answers, they could interview their teacher, come up with alternative questions, or plead their case!

You can download the ‘Kindometer’ and ‘Notometer’ here: notometer    kindometer (both Word Documents)



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