EFL Advent Calendar – 22nd December


Winter Activities – 22nd December

Although I’m sharing Christmas activities left, right and centre, you may well be teaching in a country  where Christmas isn’t celebrated. Whilst you may be able to incorporate some Christmas material (as it relates to the culture of English-speaking countries) you may be working in an environment where it isn’t appropriate, or you may simply be ‘all Christmassed out’!

Today I’m going to share some ‘winter’ themed activities for your young learners- with no Christmas in sight, so these could still be used in January (or even in July and August in the Southern Hemisphere!) 

First of all, Snowflakes. Although it may seem like there’s little education value in making these, they can be a useful craft for very young learners who are still developing their fine motor skills, including using scissors. You can also use them to review shapes, buy asking your students to cut squares, triangles, circles, or rectangles. 

I also found this great booklet for young learners who are learning clothing vocabulary and who need to review colours. ‘What I Wear in Winter‘ contains spaces for your students to draw, colour, and write the names of colours. This would be a nice follow up activity after a  song, such as ‘Put on Your Shoes’ by Super Simple Songs or ‘My Clothes’ by ELF Kids Videos. 

If you have an Interactive Whiteboard you might also like LanternFish’s ‘Winter Quiz Game’‘Winter Quiz Game’, which takes the same format as jeopardy.



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