Hi, I’m Elly. I fell into teaching English as a foreign language whilst studying abroad at university, and haven’t looked back since. I’ve taught in primary and language schools in Russia, the Czech Republic and the UK, and have worked in teaching, activities and management roles in UK based summer schools since 2009. I have 13 years’ experience of working with kids and teens, and have run training workshops on teaching young learners for International House and The British Council in Prague and Moscow.

Why ‘The Best Ticher’?  Back in the dark ages of my first year of teaching, one of my students drew a picture of me with this title carefully written on it. For me it’s a reminder that no matter how carefully you teach something or how much you concept check, it’s always wise to expect the unexpected!

Most of the time I really love my job. When I don’t, I enjoy running, playing boardgames, crochet, and doodling on any paper I can get my hands on. I still count on my fingers, own far too much nail polish, and am trying to eat at least one dish from every world cuisine.

If there’s anything you’d like to know (or you have great ideas for a blog topic!) feel free to drop me a line at thebestticher@gmail.com.



Workshops and Talks – 2016

Teaching the Trinity ISE 1 Exam – English Language House

Bullying in the EFL Classroom – British Council, Prague

Low Prep and No Prep Activities for Young Learners: Co presenter – IH Prague


Workshops and Talks – 2015

Adapting the Coursebook for Dummies (and the Not-so-Dumb) – IH Moscow

How Students Learn – IH Zelenograd


Conferences Attended


English UK Teachers’ Conference 2016




5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! My name is Laura and I’m setting off for Prague in November to get my CELTA from IH Prague. I’m worried about finding an apartment after the certification is done. I’m also worried about the visa process as a US citizen. Finally, I’m worried about getting hired so late in the year, since I know hiring seasons are typically in September and January. Could you provide me with any encouraging words or advice? It would be much appreciated. Love your blog! It truly gives me a lot more confidence about my decisions.


    1. Hi Laura, thanks for your message! First of all, congratulations on your place on the CELTA!

      I wouldn’t worry too much about finding an apartment after the CELTA as it’ll depend a bit on where you end up working – some schools (including IH Prague) provide accommodation for their teachers, and many others will provide help in finding somewhere to live. You may well meet someone else on the CELTA who is looking for accommodation, and then be able to rent somewhere together. In my experience Prague is a pretty easy place to live as there are a lot of expats there – and so there are lots of websites etc where you can find support or advice on almost anything, (including information on rooms/apartments to rent etc) – http://www.expats.cz is a good one.

      I can’t say I know much about the visa process as I’m not from the US, but I did need to apply for a visa when I went to Russia and found the whole thing was actually quite efficient (although that doesn’t necessarily make it any less scary). My American friends have told me that it’s far easier to get a visa for the Czech Republic than it is for almost any other European country, so I hope that’s a weight off your mind.

      I took my Trinity in October-November (back in 2010!), so I definitely understand the worry about missing the main hiring period. However when I was in Prague I definitely found that there are schools who will be looking to hire outside those periods – even IH took on quite a few teachers at other times of the year as we had a few teachers need to leave for personal reasons.

      Heading off to work in a different country for the first time is a definitely big deal, but it can also be a fantastic experience! Taking the CELTA will be exhausting and stressful (it always is), but enjoy it as much as you can and try not to worry too much about things you don’t need to worry about immediately. IH Prague offers fantastic training (I took my IHCYLT while working there) and the staff are brilliant and really supportive.

      Best of luck with everything, and if there are any topics you’d like to see here on the blog please let me know!

      Elly x


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