EFL Advent Calendar – 24th December


Christmas Adverts – 24th December

Yesterday I talked about Christmas music, and it made me remember another thing Chrismas wouldn’t be Christmas about: Christmas adverts on TV! I love using adverts in class (especially the Christmas ones) as there’s definitely been an increase in recent years in ads that are more like mini-films. They’re complete enough that your students feel like they’ve watched something (and therefore done something fun!) but short enough that you can fit lots of activities around it, and it’s possible to rewatch the advert a few times getting the students to focus on different things each time. On doing some research, it seems like lots of other EFL teachers feel the same! Here’s a round-up of Christmas advert activities:

Lesson plans based on John Lewis adverts from 2011-2014 (including Monty the Penguin, the Hare and the Bear, the Snowmen and Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want). These lessons are at B1 level.

Another lesson plan (this time for B1-C1 students) based on John Lewis’ the Snowmen advert.

A B1/B2 lesson plan based on the Sainsbury’s Christmas Truce advert.

An A2-B1 lesson plan based on Mog’s Christmas Calamity (Sainsbury’s Christmas advert last year and probably my all-time favourite Christmas ad!). There are also a variety of non-EFL teaching ideas based on this advert here, some of which I think could easily be used with higher-level children or teens.

Finally, if you just want a round-up of all the Christmas adverts on UK TV this year (there are definitely some I haven’t seen here!) The Telegraph presents their best Christmas adverts of 2016 (with embedded video).





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